What should I include in my wedding invites?

What do I need to include in my wedding stationery? I'm clueless.

This is a conversation I have a lot with my couples and its totally fine - why would you know what you do and don't need when it comes to wedding stationery?

Here's a blog post to help you out and decide what you'd like to include.

Wedding Invitations

The Invitation

These can come in any size you like. A lot of people go for the A5 size but more and more people are wanting to mix it up by going for a smaller A6, DL, a square or a tri-fold. There are no boundaries!

What to include on there..

  • Your names {of course} - do you want first names or your full names
  • The date
  • The location - are you getting married in church? This will need adding on too
  • Times - what time do you want your guests to arrive?
  • Do you want any special wording on there?

The Information Card

This card includes all the important information you'd want and need your guests to know. Things to think about including -

  • Accommodation- Local hotels, B&Bs, do you have rooms at your wedding venue?
  • Transport - If you're getting married in church you might want to let your guests know about getting to and from the venue(s). People coming from afar might need to know about local train stations. Are you putting transport on for your guests? Are you getting married abroad? Flight info can go here.
  • Gifts - some people find this bit a bit awkward but from my experience guests do like to know what to buy you. Always nice to have a little bit of money towards a honeymoon if there's nothing you need.
  • Children - Put it straight on your invitation. Are you inviting children or do you prefer your big day to be an adults only occasion? Let them know in advance.
  • Maps - These are a gorgeous addition if you want to add some sort of illustration to your information card. Great for the guests to save any confusion getting to the venue. 

What do I need to include in my wedding invites?


An addition to get all your guest information in one place. Some people opt for the email address some go for the tangible RSVP card.

Questions to ask on here -

  • Can you make it - yay or nay
  • A space for the names of the guests
  • Do you have any dietary requirements?
  • If you have menu choices - pop them on here or have a separate menu card.

Make sure you have an RSVP date on there. You can make it easier for your guests by adding a printed return envelope (and a stamp if you're feeling generous). Or, opt for the postcard style so it can go straight in the post box.

What to include in your wedding invites

Other additions you might want to think about -

  • A separate gift card / poem
  • A paper band to hold your invites together 
  • Silk or ribbon to tie around them
  • Printed vellum - this looks gorgeous and modern! Have a single sheet or a vellum wrap
  • Do you want separate cards or would you prefer to have one fold out invite with all the information in one place?

Celestial wedding invites

The final question is - do you want to have a complete bespoke design that nobody else has and fits your style and personalities perfectly or do you want to opt for a custom collection?

I have a brochure I send out to my clients when they enquire about wedding stationery. If you'd like one contact me here and I'm more than happy to share this with you. It includes prices, my services and how the process works in depth.

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