The 3 essential items you need in your wedding invitations

I get asked these questions all of the time. What do I need in my wedding invites?

First of all, this depends on your budget, how big your wedding is and the design you're thinking of having. The more you've got to spend the more you can have. Think about what you really want, if having a bespoke design is something that's really important to you then this costs money. Most designers (me included) start at £300 for a bespoke design with printing items on top. If you want to add foil, embossing, gilding etc. these extra touches cost money and time so expect these to increase the price.

However, you're reading this because you want to know what stationery items are essential for your wedding invites so here goes -

1/ The Invitation

On here you need the essential information-

  • Names (obviously)
  • Date
  • Location
  • Times (arrival & carriages)

2/ Information Card (for those all important details!)

All the questions you'd get asked if you didn't send an information card with your invites, put it all on here and save the aggravation (planning a wedding can be stressful enough, why make your life harder?)

Here are some things to think about to put on here -

  • Local hotels and accommodation
  • Gifts
  • Are children invited? If not, explain here
  • Full address of the venue
  • Maybe include a map
  • Transport



I mean if budget is really tight you can add this onto your Information card but its so much easier to have an RSVP and collect everything together. I have been invited to weddings that didn't include the RSVP card and I completely forgot to respond! Its all about making your life and your guests lives easier. If you're feeling generous include addressed envelopes and pop a stamp on them (you're more likely to receive it back!)

Here's what you need to include -

  • Names
  • Can you attend? Yay or Nay
  • Do you have any dietary requirements?
  • Menu choice (if you're offering one)
  • Song choice

I hope this helps you when choosing what to include in your invitations. I offer bundles for invites that include all of the above and a paper band that holds them together and is super gorgeous when you send them to the recipients! You can see collections here.

If you're looking for packages of stationery you can order them from my collection page or if you wanted something completely bespoke I offer packages for this option too!

Drop me a message if you have any queries on your wedding stationery, I'm more than happy to help you.