8 steps I have taken to have my eco friendly business

The buzz word's at the moment are eco-friendly, plastic-free, sustainability and biodegradable. Words that have been ingrained in me since being a child, my mother has always taught us to be good to the planet. In a world of throwaway culture I try to do my best everyday to protect this wonderful world we live in, in my work and in my life. 

Here are some steps I have taken to making my business more eco-friendly...

1/ I bought an eco friendly car. I knew when I was setting up my business that I would have to travel more but I needed a car big enough to fit my product displays in etc. so that's what I did, I have a car I use for my life and my business with very low emissions.

2/ I use all local suppliers. This works better in many ways, I can quality control all of my orders so there's less chance of anything going wrong and needing re-prints but also because my prints aren't being printed on the other side of the country and having to be shipped for miles to reach me. One journey to my customer is enough.

3/ I only use FSC certified papers which means they have all been sourced in a  environmentally-friendly, socially responsible and economically viable manner.

4/ I wrap every order up in recycled, acid-free tissue paper that can be recycled or re-used again.

5/ For all the artwork I create I use as much of the watercolour paper as I can to reduce the amount I'm using (unless its a bespoke piece for a client).

6/ All large orders such as wedding stationery are packed in a beautifully presented box you can use again and again. I advise my clients to use it as a memory box from their wedding.

7/ I am completely cellophane free! All of my prints and orders are wrapping in tissue and either shipped in a board back recyclable envelope or recycled kraft paper that's biodegradable.

8/ All of my orders are shipped in one overnight courier or I walk to my local post office to ship them.

If you didn't want to have your wedding invitations printed I do offer a 'print your own/ e-invitation' suite that can be used as a PDF to send to your guests. I edit the chosen suite and send across to you for you to email to your guests! If you're interested in this the link is here.

I encourage you to do what you can to reduce your plastic and be a bit more mindful as to where you're buying your products from. I'm still researching and looking for new ways I can improve too!

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