4 stationery items you need for your wedding breakfast

Questions I always get asked from couples who are planning their wedding is 'what do I need in terms of wedding stationery?' You can go all out or just have the essentials, its entirely up to you. I have a blog post here about 'The 3 essential items you need in your wedding invitations' if you'd like to know more about invites but this blog post is all about the stationery you need for your wedding breakfast.

1} I will start with a Seating Plan. Unless you're having a free for all then your guests are going to need to know where they are sitting for the wedding breakfast. These can come in all shapes and sizes so be creative! Your stationery designer will be up for designing you something gorgeous, I love it when my couples come to me with ideas. We can work together, their ideas and my design knowledge to make it all come to life! I have a blog post here to show you a range of seating plans I have worked on in the past {ever evolving and being added too}.

Modern Map table plan at Stubton Hall

2} It might seem obvious but I cant tell you how many people forget about these until the last minute but you Place Cards. These can be placed on a beautifully folded napkin, tent folded or even as a tag. Decide if you want full names or just first names, do you want artwork on them or just text? 

Tile style name place cards
3} Table Names or numbers - whichever you prefer. These are placed in the centre of the table so once your guests have worked out where they are sitting.

I wouldn't say go any bigger than A5 if you're having them printed but what I would say is having artwork on them to match the table plan looks gorgeous. I'm working on a lot of bespoke table plans at the moment {a lot of them being Gin and drink themed} but honestly you can have whatever you like. I have had an order for fruit theme this week that I cant wait to start on! What I'm getting at is you can have the illustration from the table plan on the cards. It looks great!

Spanish vibe wedding

4} Last but not least Menus! As a guest at a wedding, I want to know what I'm eating and I'm sure you do too?

Menus can come in all shapes and sizes but my favourite is DL size. They sit nicely in the centre of the plate and really finish the table off. If you don't want to have one per person maybe thing about having 1 between 2 or one in the centre of the table for all the guests to look at?

Another option is to have a large board with the menu on for all the guests to see, these can be printed onto a scroll style so they hang or on a board sat on an easel near the table plan.

Aswarby Rectory table set up

Wedding menu ideas

I hope this helps give you some ideas and inspiration for your wedding day stationery. If you'd like to get in touch about anything or advice for your stationery you can do via the contact form

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